How to lose weight: The important principles

Today I’m going to explain the important principles behind how to lose weight and make it perfectly clear what you need to do to be successful. This will give you a great understanding about how to lose weight, what exactly it is you’re trying to achieve, and how it can best be done. This is […]

How to keep exercising while avoiding time off

A problem that a lot of people have with exercise is that they stop exercising but then realise weeks, months, or even years later that they’ve made a big mistake. They now want to get back into exercise to get fitter, feel healthier, lose weight, or for other reasons. So why does this happen? Why […]

Why you should never use a low calorie diet

Often people use a low calorie diet because they are desperate to lose weight and want to lose weight as quickly as possible. In this video you’ll find out what effects a low calorie diet has on your body, why it makes it harder to lose weight, and therefore why you should never use a […]

Exercise and feel better today

One of the areas that a lot of people struggle with is having the motivation to exercise consistently. You may have an exercise session planned, and even promised yourself that you are going to do it. However, as the time comes closer, you change your mind and just don’t feel like it. So what I’m […]

How you end the year decides how you start the year

What exercise you do over these next 2 months will have a big impact on how much you enjoy your Christmas and New Year with your family. This video shows you why. If you would like to end the year feeling fantastic and start the New Year feeling fantastic then join the next block of […]

2 important qualities you need to lose weight and keep it off

If you would like to lose weight and keep it off over the long term there are 2 very important qualities which will be a great help to you in reaching your goals. These are: Patience and Persistence Why are these so important? Well you need patience to appreciate and accept that reaching your desired […]

How to have more energy for exercise

Having energy is crucial for exercise! The more energy you have the better quality your sessions, which means the quicker you improve. Plus it makes it easier to lose weight. In this video I’ll show you 3 ways that help you have more energy for your exercise. So you get the best results as well […]