No excuses

Most people believe they are limited in so many ways and that they can’t do things, when in fact they have EVERYTHING they ever need to be successful. There are no excuses and this video shows you why. It’s most likely that you have everything you need to have great success with getting fitter and […]

Donna gets fitter, loses weight and inches, and meets some fab people

“I decided to join the bootcamp because I wanted to lose weight and get fitter. I’d cancelled my gym membership a few months before because I just wasn’t seeing any results and had lost all motivation. Turning up for the first bootcamp session was the hardest bit, but the group was lovely and really supportive […]

Why use running to lose weight?

Without a doubt running is quite simply an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight. Only cross country skiing has been shown to burn more calories. However, running is a much simpler form of exercise and is far more accessible for most people. We don’t get much snow in Barnsley! That’s why getting into […]

Do you want to lose weight or fat?

When trying to lose weight most people think that all they want to do is lose weight. However, they are missing a VERY important piece of the whole weight loss picture. What about losing fat? What about maintaining their muscle? Two people can weigh exactly the same but have a totally different level of health […]

Why running burns more calories than walking

Some people believe that trying to lose weight with walking or running is basically the same thing because they think that they both burn the same number of calories per mile. However, I’ll show you here why this isn’t true. This belief is probably more down to hope than judgement because as we all know […]