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Is your health and fitness on track this year?

Today I want to help you to keep on the ball mentally and keep your health and fitness on track this year. 10% of the year has already gone which means you should be 10% of the way to any goals you have this year. Are you on track? If not, then this video shows […]

4 tips to exercise consistently and keep motivated

One of the main struggles people have with their exercise is being able to exercise consistently and keep motivated to do this. It’s often a lot easier to miss your exercise session while at the same time promising yourself that you’ll do the next one. This can create an unhelpful habit that holds you back […]

Are you exercising but not losing weight?

A problem that a lot of people have is that they might be exercising but they are still struggling to lose weight. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you don’t know why. In this video I’m going to explain 3 reasons why you might be exercising yet not losing weight. Plus you’ll find out […]

Does exercise get any easier?

Whether you are completely new to exercise, or you’ve been exercising for many months or years, there’s one question that most people will ask at some stage… “Does exercise ever get any easier?” There’s some good news and some not so good news The good news is that exercise does get easier in the sense […]

Getting into exercise after the New Year

Let’s say that you’ve enjoyed yourself over Christmas and the New Year, but you’ve not done much or any exercise. Now you want to get started with exercise or get back into your exercise. How do you do it? Here are 2 things to remember to help you get back on track. You can make […]

What you can learn from world class athletes

In this blog post I’ll show you the most important reasons behind why world class athletes get so much more out of themselves than most people, and how YOU can do the same. A common misconception about athletes in any sport is that they are super gifted or they must have been born with natural […]

How to keep exercising while avoiding time off

A problem that a lot of people have with exercise is that they stop exercising but then realise weeks, months, or even years later that they’ve made a big mistake. They now want to get back into exercise to get fitter, feel healthier, lose weight, or for other reasons. So why does this happen? Why […]

Exercise and feel better today

One of the areas that a lot of people struggle with is having the motivation to exercise consistently. You may have an exercise session planned, and even promised yourself that you are going to do it. However, as the time comes closer, you change your mind and just don’t feel like it. So what I’m […]