How to lose weight and keep it off for life

Today I’m going to let you know why most people struggle to lose weight, and why they quickly regain any weight that they lose.

Here’s what most people think when they want to lose weight…

“I’m going to go on a diet and lose some weight”


“I’m going to do some exercise and lose some weight”

While this may sound logical and seem to make sense, they are NOT the best ways of thinking. Anyone who wants to lose weight is far better to think this…

“I’m going to change my lifestyle”

What’s the difference?

Well the results from these ways of thinking turn out to be very different.

Most people who go on a diet also expect to come off the diet. It’s a short term way of thinking. They want to lose weight and then go back to their old lifestyle and carry on with their life.

A lot of people who start exercising hope that they can lose weight and then stop exercising. They also want to lose weight, go back to their old lifestyle, and then carry on with their life.

So what happens?

Firstly when people think like this they are not fully committed. They don’t want to be on the diet and they don’t want to exercise. So they struggle with motivation, don’t put enough time and effort in, and therefore they struggle to lose weight.

Even if they do lose any weight, it quickly returns when they go back to their old lifestyle because…

Your health, fitness, and weight are determined by your lifestyle.

You cannot do something for weeks or months and then expect the results to last for life.

If you have a poor lifestyle then you get poor results. If you then improve your lifestyle you get better results. But if you go back to a poor lifestyle then you get poor results again.

That’s why losing weight should not be seen as a short term effort where you lose the weight and then get on with your life. It should be seen as a long term commitment to improve your lifestyle.

Maybe this sounds like hard work to think longer term but it’s not at all really.

It’s much easier to create a healthier lifestyle and then maintain this lifestyle for years, than it is to keep changing your lifestyle for better or worse while watching your weight fluctuate from month to month, year to year.

Plus it’s much less frustrating and demoralising.

Also once you’ve developed your new lifestyle and you get used to feeling fitter, healthier, and being happy with your weight, you don’t want to go back. You actually want to keep eating well and you want to keep exercising because you appreciate everything it does for you.

For example, let’s look at exercise…

The massive physical and mental health benefits of exercise, and the improved fitness and body shape have a huge positive impact on your life. When you experience these benefits and appreciate what exercising does for you, you never want to give it up.

So you have a choice

Most people do not want change their lifestyle. They want to eat anything they like and do as little exercise as possible, while at the same time having great health and fitness, and a great looking body.

They resist changing their lifestyle because they want everything…

Well sorry but you can’t have everything. You need to decide which is the most important to you.

You can do what these people do but the price you pay is a lower quality life. You will never have the health, fitness, and body that you want.

Or you can embrace a better lifestyle, do the things with exercise and diet that add to your life rather than detract from it, and therefore receive a happier and higher quality life.

Which will it be?

James Porter