Why exercise can change your life

Today I’m going to explain an important subject, and that is, how exercise can benefit and even change your life.

I believe it’s a really good thing to let people know about the benefits of exercise and remind them because this helps to increase their motivation and keeps them going. Hopefully it will help YOU too!

I even remind myself about the benefits of exercise all the time, and although I’ve been exercising since 1997 it still gives me constant motivation.

Whether you are completely new to exercise, or you’ve been exercising for months or years, exercise can have a positive impact on all areas of your life.

Yes there’s the better fitness, better health, better looking body, and losing weight…

But, as if that wasn’t enough, there are also MANY other positive benefits that can make a huge difference to your life.

Here are 5 other very important benefits that you can experience through exercise:

1. More energy

With exercise your body becomes fitter, healthier, and more efficient. Your body works a lot better than an unhealthy body and because of this you are provided with much more energy.

The result?

You feel more alive, and you can do more things, every day of your life. Every single day of your life is higher quality compared to the body you would have if you didn’t exercise.

There’s no more feeling sluggish and wasting precious time in your life. You can now do more of the things you enjoy, and you feel much better while doing them.

2. Feeling younger

Having all this extra energy makes you feel much younger.

For example, after losing two stones with exercise, and feeling much fitter and healthier, one of my clients said that she felt 20 years younger. Who wouldn’t want that?

Imagine feeling in the best shape of your life and feeling better than when you were younger.

Imagine being able to do more of everything you want in life and feeling like you can just keep going.

I’m sure you can appreciate that this is a lot better and more enjoyable than collapsing in front of the television after a day at work, or having to sit down for a rest because you can’t keep up playing with your children.

3. Looking younger

With exercise you can get a better looking body, lose weight, and you can walk around and do everything with more energy and purpose.

Many people in their 60’s are overweight, they have a walking stick, and they shuffle along. Other people at the same age are exercising and looking more like a 40 year old.

Many people in their 30’s look more like they are 50 years old with their slow walking pace and low energy levels. Other people at the same age are exercising like a super fit 20 something.

Can you see why people who exercise, very often end up looking younger than they actually are?

Can you also see why people that are unfit, who are carrying excess weight, and move around much slower with a poorer posture, usually look much older than they are?

4. More confidence

So let’s say that you’ve been exercising for a while and you’re experiencing the great benefits and rewards…

You now have much more energy. You feel and look younger. You’ve also developed a much fitter and better looking body, and you’ve lost weight.

Overall you are happy with everything. Your fitness, health, body, and weight are just how you want them to be.

How much better do you feel now? How much more confidence do you have?

This is why the benefits of exercising makes you feel so good and why you are very likely to experience greater confidence and satisfaction in your life.

5. More positive state of mind

With all these benefits it’s easy to see why exercising can make you feel much more positive and a lot happier about yourself and about life.

Quite simply, the better you do with your exercise, and the more benefits you gain, the better you feel about yourself both physically and mentally.

The other major advantage of this is that your better and more positive frame of mind rubs off onto other people in your life.

So not only do you make yourself happier, but you also help the other people in your life become happier as well. Exercising doesn’t just benefit you, it also benefits the people that you love.

You have a lot to gain with exercise, and a lot to lose if you don’t

In addition to all these positive experiences, exercising also helps you avoid negative experiences such as suffering from ill health and diseases.

It provides you with a lower risk of suffering from depression, several types of cancers (such as breast, ovarian, and colon cancer), osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and heart attacks, stroke, and arthritis.

With all this in mind, do you need any more reasons to exercise and keep it up?

If at any time your motivation dwindles, or you’re tempted to miss a training session, just remember everything that exercising gives you.

With exercise all you have to give is some time and effort…

In return exercise gives you an amazing amount of benefits that can literally change your life.

James Porter