Home Based Training

Improving your all over body fitness and strength can significantly improve ALL areas of your life. This Home Based Training will do exactly that.

How would you like to get help from:

  • A fully qualified UK Athletics coach who has extensive experience helping thousands of people to get much fitter and stronger
  • Someone who has also helped thousands of people to lose weight with exercise
  • Someone who can help you with any area of exercise, fitness, health, diet, and motivation
  • Someone who has trained with and helped complete beginner exercisers to Olympic athletes
  • Someone with 22 years exercise experience themselves who can pass this valuable experience on to you to help you reach your goals

I hope you can appreciate that with my help and advice you will get much quicker and much better results. You will reach all of your goals much faster.

Taking advantage of this Home Based Training is likely to save you years of time and avoid much of the frustration caused by slow progress and injuries. Plus I will show you how to make exercise as enjoyable as possible.

Whether you are a complete beginner to exercise or are more experienced I am sure that I can help you make excellent progress and reach your goals.

This Home Based Training is for you if:

  • You want to get maximum results with your exercise
  • You want to reach your goals as quickly as possible and save years of your life
  • You want to get fitter, stronger, healthier, or lose weight
  • You want to enjoy exercise and find it easy to stick to and be motivated
  • You want the help, guidance, and support of a friendly and well mannered expert where we work together as a team to reach your goals
  • You live in Barnsley and would like to exercise from the convenience of your home or garage

The price of this Home Based Training is £30 per session which I expect to increase for future clients. So the best time to start is now.

The physical and mental benefits that you experience will be much more valuable to you than the price of this. It could literally change your life.

During your session we will discuss various areas that relate to your goals, complete your session, and discuss any areas to focus on over the following week.

With your Home Based Training you can pay per session, rather than committing to a long term, more expensive block. So you can easily try 1 session and see what you think.

It will only take 1 session with me to realise how much I can help you and you’ll be so glad you took this opportunity. You have everything to gain.

To get started give me (James) a ring on 07804 956966, or email me at: james@getactivefitnesscoaching.co.uk