Alison goes beyond her fears and then loses 2 stone and becomes the fittest she’s ever been

“It took me quite some time to pluck up courage and contact James about attending his exercise classes but how glad I am that I did.

I was at my heaviest and recovering from a hip replacement which for a couple of years had restricted my mobility, making me feel frustrated and unhappy.

Over the years I’ve tried different forms of exercise from yoga to zumba to the gym but I’ve never stuck at them. Naturally, I was very nervous at my first session thinking that everyone would be super fit and I just wouldn’t be able to do anything. But nothing could be further from the truth.

If I wasn’t able to do a particular exercise then James would adapt it to my abilities at that time.

No one judges you and no one is stood behind you shouting in your ear. They’re a great bunch of people of all ages (I’m 61), all shapes & sizes and all fitness levels. Everyone is welcome.

I’ve now been attending the classes for just over a year and together with trying to make healthy food choices (not always easy!) I’ve lost 2 stones and I can honestly say I am now the fittest I have ever been in my life!

And it’s true what they say about those endorphins. Even on the days when I feel tired and would much rather give it a miss and sit with my feet up I know I’ll feel much better after a session. And I do!

Joining the classes is one of the most positive and beneficial things I have ever done.

So go on… Go beyond any fears you have and sign up!!”

Alison Schofield


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