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Why including speed running also helps you to run further and better

A big mistake that many people make when trying to get fitter or become a better runner is ONLY focusing on increasing the time or distance they can run. They train for endurance and forget about “speed” which is very important. Even if you’re training for a 10k, half marathon, or even a marathon, you […]

5 mental strategies to make running feel easier

Although running is a physical activity, a lot of what you get out of running and how quickly you improve depends on your mental strengths. Very often with running when you feel like slowing down or stopping it’s more mental than physical. Your body can run further, your body can run faster, but your brain […]

How to breathe when running

Do you ever feel like you are struggling with your breathing when running? Do you think when will it get easier? Or what am I doing wrong? In this video I explain 4 areas that will help you to breathe better when running and this will help you get the best out of your runs.

Why use running to lose weight?

Without a doubt running is quite simply an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight. Only cross country skiing has been shown to burn more calories. However, running is a much simpler form of exercise and is far more accessible for most people. We don’t get much snow in Barnsley! That’s why getting into […]

Why running burns more calories than walking

Some people believe that trying to lose weight with walking or running is basically the same thing because they think that they both burn the same number of calories per mile. However, I’ll show you here why this isn’t true. This belief is probably more down to hope than judgement because as we all know […]

Still think you can’t run?

Often people believe they are too unfit, too overweight, or too old to run. In this video you’ll see a 99 year old marathon runner who started running when he was 81 years old. He went on to complete 7 marathons with a best time of 5 hours 40 minutes in 2003 when he was […]

What body shape will your running get you?

Did you know that the type of running that you do will determine exactly what body shape you get after you’ve lost weight? That’s why one of the main things to consider when using running to lose weight is this… What do you want to look like when you reach your desired weight? An important […]