Category: Motivation

Overcome resistance to change and get more out of your life

Everybody has resistance to change in some areas of their life, even if they know that some changes will make their life better. Why? Because it’s easier and much more comfortable to keep doing the same things. So how do you overcome this resistance to change and get more out of your life? In this […]

Getting much more out of your exercise by making a commitment

In this video I talk about one BIG thing that can help you mentally so that you get much more out of your exercise. You are all capable of more than you realise. Make a commitment to exercise or renew your commitment to exercise, get stuck into your classes, and just see how much progress […]

Do you have an excuse or a real limitation?

Did you know that many people believe they are limited in so many ways and that they can’t do things when in fact they have EVERYTHING they ever need to be successful? They invent excuses to justify why they can’t do things, and even to justify why they shouldn’t try at all. The thing is, […]

Why I don’t wish you luck. I wish you the very best

One of the things that you will never, or very rarely, hear me say, is “Good luck”. Things like “Good luck with your exercise” or “Good luck with losing weight”. The reason is NOT because I don’t care or because I don’t want you to have great success. Definitely not! I’m sure that you can […]

4 tips to exercise consistently and keep motivated

One of the main struggles people have with their exercise is being able to exercise consistently and keep motivated to do this. It’s often a lot easier to miss your exercise session while at the same time promising yourself that you’ll do the next one. This can create an unhelpful habit that holds you back […]

Getting into exercise after the New Year

Let’s say that you’ve enjoyed yourself over Christmas and the New Year, but you’ve not done much or any exercise. Now you want to get started with exercise or get back into your exercise. How do you do it? Here are 2 things to remember to help you get back on track. You can make […]

Will you make a New Year’s Resolution or make a Life Commitment?

In this video I let you know about the massively important difference between a New Year’s resolution and a Life Commitment. New Year’s resolutions virtually always don’t work. Find out what does work and how you can make much more progress this year with your fitness, health, and losing weight. Have a great New Year […]

Knowledge is NOT power. So what is power?

There’s a well known saying that “Knowledge is power”, but it’s not true. Knowledge is only potential power. What’s the main difference between people who do great with their exercise and losing weight and people who don’t? Why is it that some people get great results, and some people get rubbish results? In this video […]

Why many people don’t like setting goals but you should

Many people don’t like setting goals but there are some big reasons why YOU should. In this video you’re going to find out the real value behind setting goals and how best to use them to improve your fitness, health, or lose weight. As it comes towards the end of the year there is no […]