Why I don’t wish you luck. I wish you the very best

One of the things that you will never, or very rarely, hear me say, is “Good luck”. Things like “Good luck with your exercise” or “Good luck with losing weight”.

The reason is NOT because I don’t care or because I don’t want you to have great success. Definitely not!

I’m sure that you can see with everything I put into my classes and helping you that I really do care. I want you to do extremely well with both your exercise and losing any weight.

Not only that, but I also want to help you to significantly improve your physical and mental health because I know it will improve your happiness and quality of life.

So why don’t I wish you luck?

Wishing you luck doesn’t sound right to me. It’s like saying that you need some special outside force to help you achieve what you want.

It’s like saying that you can’t do well with exercise, or you can’t lose weight, even with my help. No you need some “Luck”.

Well I’m here today to tell you that’s complete rubbish. You don’t need ANY luck at all.

Many people blame what’s happened in their life and their current circumstances down to bad luck. It’s not their fault, it’s just things happening to them that are out of their control. This is rarely true for most circumstances.

The truth is that most things in your life right now, positive or negative, are down to your making and nothing at all to do with luck

When I was in a very difficult relationship for 11 years, that was a choice that I made. No bad luck was involved.

When I got into exercise and got loads fitter and healthier, that was down to the actions that I took. No good luck was involved.

For you to get much fitter and healthier with exercise, or to lose weight with exercise, it doesn’t come down to luck at all. It comes down to you using the right exercise methods in the right manner, doing it consistently over a period of time, and developing your diet. That’s it!

If you follow the right exercise methods and strategies, and improve your diet in the right way, then you are guaranteed to be successful at getting fitter, healthier, losing weight, and getting a better looking body.

Achieving these things is not like playing the lottery or backing a horse on the Grand National where you take a punt and hope for the best. In other words you hope to get lucky. Not at all.

It comes down to YOU and the actions that YOU take!

It’s the same with everything that you do in your life. You are in almost full control of what happens, and it very rarely comes down to luck.

The only time that things come down to luck is when you’re guessing rather than knowing. Like guessing about which lottery numbers will come out on Saturday night. Like guessing about the best ways to exercise or improve your diet or lose weight.

The problem with guessing is that you have little, or no, idea whether you’re right or wrong and this comes down to luck.

In the end you are where you are because of the decisions you’ve made in the past and the actions that you’ve taken or not taken, most likely not by mere chance or luck.

So that’s why I don’t say “Good luck with your exercise” or “Good luck with losing weight”, but instead “I wish you the very best”.

I don’t want you to depend on luck, I want you to achieve the very best, and improve your life as much as possible

So I urge you to take full control of your exercise, diet, and weight, and any other areas of your life where you may have been depending on luck.

Make your future one that you’ve designed for yourself, rather than one that has just “happened” to you due to lack of thought or by guessing.

When you make the right decisions based on accurate thinking and “knowing”, rather than “guessing”, this will lead you to take the right actions and get the right results. Then you don’t need any luck at all.

You have a great opportunity right NOW to make your future very much how you want it to be. All you have to do is take it!

James Porter