Barry lost over 50 pounds, reduced his waist size by 8 inches, and completed a 10k

“I have now been working with James for over 2 months. The help that James has given me along my running to lose weight challenge has been a great help.

When I first started I was a size 44 waist and weighed a little under 20 stones. After a few months of running I noticed the weight start to come off but often found it hard to motivate myself. This is when I came across James’ website.

Since I have been in contact with James he has helped me no end with any questions that I have relating to running, nutrition, etc.

While using his plan I booked myself onto the Bupa 10k run. I found this a great help to keep me motivated, and focused on the task in hand. James helped me with my approach to training for this race, and also with the motivational side.

I found that there were many benefits to having a person to talk to with the amount of knowledge that James has.

I have now managed to complete the Bupa 10k in just over an hour. Also I am now a 36 inch waist and weigh a little over 16 stones.

Running has a great effect on your life. You just have to give it a chance and work at it, but it’s so worth it when you see the results that you have always wanted.”

Barry Robinson