Bootcamp is Back!

Your Classes are Back On!

I’m very pleased to announce that we are now in a position to start back with your group exercise classes.

The Government guidelines state that businesses and venues following Covid-19 guidelines can host groups of up to 30 people. That’s us 🙂

To ease back into your classes we are going to start back with 2 out of your normal 3 classes which are:

  • Monday Circuits class – This is outdoors, meeting at Locke Park in the car park at 6pm
  • Saturday Running class – This is outdoors, meeting at Locke Park in the car park at 10am


Classes start on Monday 27th July

6 week block
1 class per week, £35
2 classes per week, £60

Maximum 30 people allowed

Payment in full required at the start. This makes it possible to manage how many people are doing the classes, and minimises any handling of money.

Equipment needed for Monday Circuits class: A pair of light dumbbells, or 2 cartons filled with water (like milk or fruit juice cartons), or 2 tins of food (like beans or soup).


How to pay

1. Online here:


2. By bank transfer to:

James Porter
Sort code: 09-01-26
Account number: 30175694


3. By cash at your first session

Contact James by Facebook or email to book your place:

Please confirm that you are starting back with your classes by either paying online before Monday 27th July, or contacting James to book your place and pay at your first session.


Guidelines to follow at your sessions

  • Maintaining social distancing rules – With the sessions being outside and in a large area we can easily keep a safe distance apart. We will keep a 2m distance between people, and most of the time while doing your sessions this will be much more
  • If paying by cash at your first session there will be a box for you to place your payment in. Social distancing will be present at all times
  • You keep all of your belongings to yourself – This is your car keys and weights
  • Overall it will be very simple and easy to keep distance from other people with our sessions, and so we will have safe and very enjoyable sessions while also keeping fit and healthy


Other useful information and updates

  • Any classes missed during the 6 weeks won’t be carried over – This is to encourage everyone to keep getting in their classes and to simplify the process moving forwards
  • For anyone with a holiday booked over this 6 week block I will reduce the amount that you pay accordingly, so you pay for the weeks you can make
  • As things develop over the coming weeks and months we will look to start back with your Wednesday Circuits class, and also have your Monday and Wednesday Circuits classes indoors
  • The Online Circuits classes are now on hold as we get back to our group classes. I will still keep these classes available here for you to do any time, and there are 18 classes in total:
    Online Circuits classes
  • Our previous classes ended in March when the Government restricted people to their homes and we had two weeks remaining for that block of classes. It was expected at the time that the restrictions were short term and we would soon carry on where we left off with our classes, although this wasn’t possible.

To simplify the process and be able to keep track of everyone with the new classes moving forwards, it will be best to start anew from this point forwards. Many people have already said they want to start afresh when we start back.

Having said this, if anyone is wanting to get in previous sessions then please let me know and I can reduce the amount paid for your next block of classes.