Claire loses 4½ stone, says goodbye to the blood pressure medication, and improves her asthma

“I joined the exercise classes 3 years ago this month. At that time I was obese and hadn’t ever really exercised regularly. Over the years I had been a member of various gyms but had never attended regularly and then cancelled my memberships. I have never enjoyed exercising but was concerned about my health.

James Porter’s group was recommended by a friend. At my first class I had to walk during the warm up and was unable to complete the class as I was so unfit!

James was very patient and discussed the way forward with starting slowly and building up my exercise as my fitness increased. He also discussed the combined benefits of healthy eating and exercise.

The reasons I like the class are that it’s very friendly, there are people of all ages and fitness levels and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Prior to joining the class I was on medication for high blood pressure. I’m also asthmatic. I have a shoulder injury that has required various treatments over the years.

Since joining the classes I have lost a total of 4½ stones!! I no longer need medication for my blood pressure as it’s returned to normal! My asthma is also more stable than before and my shoulder hasn’t needed any treatment in the last 2 years.

My life now is much different. I feel so much better, I have more energy and can run and walk without becoming breathless.

To anyone considering joining the group I would say, just give it a go. James is very friendly, approachable and will give you all the support, advice and encouragement you’ll need.”

Claire Turner


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