Does exercise get any easier?

Whether you are completely new to exercise, or you’ve been exercising for many months or years, there’s one question that most people will ask at some stage…

“Does exercise ever get any easier?”

There’s some good news and some not so good news

The good news is that exercise does get easier in the sense that your fitness improves. You therefore gain the ability to do more, lift more, run further, or exercise faster.

So at one time you may have been doing a session and felt like you could barely do anything. Then as you got fitter you could do the same session without barely getting out of breath.

Having said this, the not so good news is that your exercise should NOT get any easier. That’s because your aim with exercise if you want to get the best health and fitness, lose weight most effectively, and have the best looking body, should always be to keep improving.

The more you improve your fitness, the more physical and mental health benefits you experience, including making it easier to lose weight. The only way to keep improving your fitness is to exercise in the right way and keep pushing yourself.

If you get to the stage where you can exercise comfortably and all your sessions feel quite easy, then your results will be nowhere near as good as what they could be.

So the answer to the question “Does exercise ever get any easier?” is NO. That’s if you want to get the best out of your exercise and get the most out of the time you put into exercise.

When I first started exercising I remember feeling the difficulty of pushing myself and it feeling like a real challenge. But guess what?

22 years later, when I’m doing my harder sessions, I still feel very similar to back then. It hasn’t got easier, I’m just exercising with a much higher fitness level and ability.

Embrace the challenge of exercise

The best thing to do with exercise is to see it as a challenge and keep pushing yourself. Every time you see your fitness increase, your weight lower, or your body shape change you are winning the challenge.

Rather than fearing a tough session or feeling apprehensive about it, try to embrace the difficulty of the session and just aim to give it your best.

It’s also good to remind yourself that when exercise feels difficult and like a real challenge, they are the sessions that will get you the best results. You get the biggest benefits in all areas whether it’s improved health and fitness, losing more weight, getting a better looking body, gaining more self-confidence, feeling more satisfaction and sense of achievement, or any other area.

So overall, try not to be concerned that exercise feels difficult. It’s all part of exercise and getting the best results. Everybody who aims to get the best out of their exercise has tough sessions, no matter what their fitness level or ability.

It’s also a huge help to remember to enjoy your exercise, knowing that you have a great opportunity to improve your life that many people don’t have.

When you are willing to push yourself, and you actually enjoy and look forward to the challenge, that’s when you are well on the path to being successful with exercise and getting all the positive and life changing results that you want.

James Porter