Ewa loses a stone, sleeps better, feels better physically and mentally, and solves her back pain

“I didn’t find it easy to make a start with James’ classes and getting into a routine exercising twice per week. I wasn’t even sure if I could do this at the beginning.

However, I had got to the point where I couldn’t do this on my own either (I tried! But I was too soft on myself and there always was another day to start).

So I started with James’ classes. I couldn’t see a huge difference in weight after a month but James said that this is sometimes normal at the start where you may gain some healthy muscle but lose fat at the same time.

The improvements that I made though have really added up. With James’ classes and having a reasonable diet, in less than 4 months I lost about a STONE which I’m really happy with!

I didn’t expect too many benefits of doing the exercise but there were loads, much more than I expected.

I started sleeping better, feeling better both physically and mentally, and I stopped visiting a chiropractor because my back pain has gone. And the most important for me was that I started losing weight and I have become more relaxed and energetic.

Our group and James the coach are the best motivation. The exercises are also the best treatment for everyone and in general they are better and cheaper than any medicine, unless necessary and this is a fact.

I don’t need any special vitamins or diet to move my body and be able to exercise twice a week. I just turn up to the classes, follow the exercises, and feel the extremely positive benefits!”

Ewa Wisniewska


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