Gemma feels fantastic and reaches a running standard she didn’t think was possible

“I have just finished my first 6 week bootcamp with James. I am feeling absolutely fantastic and I have reached a running standard I never even thought was possible for my level of fitness.

I have always wanted to be able to run but never believed I could, had the motivation to do it, or had the right support.

When I first joined, before I arrived at the car park I was sat in my car down the road thinking of a reason to turn back and go home. I felt sick with nerves and ashamed of my fitness level, but I also knew this could be a way forward for me.

I went ahead and joined.

I have enjoyed each and every session more and more each time. Everyone is very friendly, welcoming and supportive no matter what level of fitness they are.

James has been brilliant. He is able to assess your fitness level and supports you to achieve what he somehow knows you are capable of!”

Gemma Day