Gillian gets more motivated, makes great improvements, and feels tons better

“When I joined bootcamp I was at a pretty low ebb, overweight and totally unfit. So when I saw the advert for bootcamp I thought it would be a good opportunity to drag myself off the settee and try and sort myself out.

I had run before but it didn’t last long and I am also a more than once failed gym member. But I absolutely love the bootcamp. It’s a brilliant way of getting yourself motivated.

I am possibly the oldest and perhaps the most overweight but there is no poking fun at anyone and it might be a cliché but you really do get encouragement from everyone.

You run at your own pace and James manages to keep a close eye on all of us. He knows when we are ready to move up and when we are struggling.

I can only go once a week but have made great improvements. This is now the second bootcamp I have done with James and I feel tons better in lots of ways. I have made some great friends and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions.

So all I can say is don’t think you can’t do it. If I can anyone can. All I need to do now is stay off the chocolate.”

Gillian Nixon