Joanne makes unbelievable changes to become fitter, healthier, stronger, and complete a 10k



“Over the years I’ve failed numerous times at joining gyms, trying to commit to something, and just turning out feeling very low self-esteem, no motivation, and not any fitter.

A year on I cannot believe the difference that I’ve made. I am stronger. I am fitter. I am healthier. I am sleeping better. The changes have been unbelievable.

From not being able to run for a minute last year I have just successfully completed the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k run.

The friends that I have met over this last year have been absolutely brilliant. It’s such a supportive group of people.

So please come along. We have loads of fun. And you just won’t look back. Take the plunge and join James’ classes. They are absolutely excellent.”

Joanne Bradshaw


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