Karen improves her physical and mental well-being and enjoys better family time

“I am now taking part in my third bootcamp and absolutely love it. I have never been good at exercising and even at school avoided it as much as I could. My friend was doing the bootcamp and I saw how much of a difference it was making to her and how happy she seemed doing it so I thought I would give it a go.

I contacted James who was so helpful and supportive right from the start and paid my money up front to make sure I would go.

I was absolutely terrified on my first night. How would I cope? Would I even be able to do one exercise never mind 3 circuits? Would I look silly? Would I be too big? Within minutes of arriving I was put at ease and started to make new friends.

In the two bootcamps I have completed I have completely surprised myself at how well I have done. From being unable to go upstairs without getting out of breath I have really improved my fitness levels and can play with my 3 young boys without getting out of breath. It’s changed my life.

Having suffered with depression for many years I have found that exercising has not only helped me gain physical fitness but also my mental well-being has improved dramatically.

Starting bootcamp was one of the best things I have ever signed up to and I am so grateful to James for all his encouragement and support. I hope to keep up the bootcamps for as long as I can and am now starting to train for a 5k run I have signed up for! Who would have thought it!

If you are thinking about signing up then go for it. Seriously, it is life changing in so many ways!”

Karen Plimmer