Kat loses weight and now looks good, feels good, is fitter, has more energy, and feels happier

“I wanted to lose weight and look better. My confidence took a drop after having my four children and gaining weight. I was also out of breath all the time and feeling lethargic, even walking upstairs I was out of breath. Overall I just felt crap and ugly.

I had been recommended the classes by a neighbour who goes and I found the classes surprisingly enjoyable. I have now been doing the classes for nearly 2 years.

I’ve lost weight and have now lost a stone and half. I am feeling more confident in my body and how I look. I also feel a lot fitter, have tons more energy, and don’t feel out of breath any more.

With the classes I feel like I’ve achieved something. I feel so much better and I’m also feeling less stressed and feeling happier.

It’s a really nice community feel where you get talking to people and can make new friends. It gets you out which I found harder to do with having small children. I also like that it’s for all age groups and the exercises are done to your own ability.

I’ve found James very approachable. He explains the exercises well and if I had any problems I would have no hesitation asking.

The classes are really good value for money because the sessions are flexible and James uses a rolling payment in case you can’t make any sessions. So you always get in the sessions that you’ve paid for. I’ve found this much more cost effective than when I used to be a member of a gym and often didn’t go, but still paid every month.

I feel generally happier. I can get nice clothes on now, and I look good and feel good. If you are thinking of joining then go for it. Don’t waste time, just do it! It’s done me the world of good and I’d highly recommend it.”

Kat Fisher