NEW Get Active Classes – Week 23rd March

NEW Get Active Classes – Week 23rd March

After a very difficult and challenging week I’m very pleased to say that we have a plan to keep you going with your classes and help you keep up your health and fitness. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback!

Please watch the video for a summary of the classes, and also read about the classes below…

We will take it a week at a time
at the minute because things can change in the country. I would also appreciate and welcome feedback from yourselves so that I can help you as much as possible.

Many people will be struggling for weeks and months because they have seen a significant drop in income, or they are isolated at home, or they have little or no social life. This is a very important time to keep on top of your physical and mental health and fitness!

With this in mind, I’ve put together a plan for this week (23rd March) to help everyone who does my classes as much as I can. Here it is…

  • Outdoor Circuits classes – Mon, Wed, 6pm (Locke Park)
  • Running classes – Tue 6pm, Sat 10am (Locke Park)
  • Get Active at Home (online class) – Tue 10am (watch any time)
  • Get Active Walk and Talk (and laugh) – Wed 10am (Locke Park)

Rules for staying safe – With most of the classes being outdoors it helps to keep everyone safe, plus we have a small group, and we space out anyway with your classes. The only difference is that we will follow the Governments recommended guidelines of ‘social distancing’ which is to keep 2 metres apart. That means no hugging or kissing 🙂

Outdoor Circuits classes

With us not being able to do our normal indoor circuits classes until further notice, we are going to do them outside.

We will do the same days of Monday and Wednesday, and both classes will be at 6pm for this week at Locke Park, meeting in the car park. When we change the clocks next weekend and its lighter, we can review whether to do Wednesdays at the normal time of 6.30pm for the week after.

These classes will be adapted to outdoors and I’m sure you will enjoy them. Maybe you’ll love them as much as the indoor ones 🙂

You can bring a towel if you like for any floor exercises that we may do.

Running classes

We already have your Saturday Running class at 10am at Locke Park, and this will continue as normal 🙂

I have also added a Tuesday Running class at 6pm at Locke Park, meeting in the car park.

This class is for complete beginners up to more advanced runners. Whatever your fitness level I make sure you are doing a session that’s perfect for you!

Get Active at Home (online class)

I am doing these online classes for people who normally do my circuit classes but are now more isolated at home. Anyone else from my classes are very welcome to do these as well.

Other people not at our classes will also be able to see these classes which is what I want to happen, at least at the start. This means that people who don’t normally do my classes but are still isolated at home can still get some help.

The benefit that you, as my Monday or Wednesday Circuits class member, get by paying is that you can suggest anything that you want with these classes and I will adapt them for you. Plus there’s the obvious benefit of still keeping up your exercise and feeling much better for doing it! And you also help to support me to keep my business going for when we get back to normality.

For next week I will post you a class on our Facebook page and the Get Active website so that everyone can access it. This means you can do the class at any time that’s convenient to suit you. The class will be available on Tuesday morning before 10am at the following links…

Facebook page,
Get Active website,

To get ready for this class all you need are things like milk cartons and fruit juice cartons filled with water 🙂

Although I’m doing these classes for you (my circuits class members), you are also welcome to share them and pass them on, rather than us keeping them totally private. If they help other people during this difficult time, especially people restricted to their house or with little or no money, then that would be great.

Payment is the normal £6 for this class, although if you do the class 2 or 3 times during the week, then you could pay more. You pay what you feel is fair.

Get Active Walk and Talk (and laugh)

This is a more leisurely class, and I expect it to be very enjoyable!

The aim is to help you get out of the house, meet up with friendly people, and see some friendly faces. I’m sure we will also have plenty of fun!

Depending on what people are looking for we could also include some stretches to loosen up your whole body and release any tension, we could throw in some light exercises sometimes, and we could push the pace walking sometimes.

Everybody will be tailored for so that you get exactly what you want out of it. It’s for any fitness level.

For the first class we will meet on Wednesday at 10am at Locke Park, meeting in the car park. If we continue with this class then we could visit other nice areas locally each week, depending on what you would like.

Paying for your classes

I want people to keep up their exercise as much as possible during these challenging weeks and months, and I don’t want people to be limited by how much money they have.

So the price for each class is £6.

However, if you are struggling with money then you are perfectly fine to pay less. I am always fair with you and from knowing you with my classes I know you will be the same with me. So you are ok to pay what you can afford, and whatever this amount is I don’t mind at all.

To pay please use one of the following options…

1. Bring cash to your class

2. Pay into my bank
Sort code: 09-01-26
Account number: 30175694

3. Or pay online

(The above two options are better for me as I get charged every time people pay online)

You have made excellent progress with your classes everyone and this is not the time to sit on your sofa for weeks or months while you lose health and fitness, and maybe stick on weight. This is not the time to go backwards physically and mentally!

Let’s keep getting fitter and healthier together 🙂