Pam tones up, loses weight, feels mentally and physically better, and has met friends for life

“I joined the classes 2½ years ago, after a friend of mine suggested we attend. I found the classes invigorating, and together with walking around 3 miles a day, I felt so much healthier. My life changed from being stale, no motivation, to feeling healthy, and able to look forward to exercising.

James, is a very patient, encouraging, and motivated person. He never stresses anyone out, everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace. He speaks to people individually, highlighting each area, what to do, how to progress to the higher level, and is generally a very patient, highly enthusiastic man.

I have met some amazing people, some like me, who had never been into exercise. Some, highly motivated, and wanting to stretch every bone in their body. Some, again like me, many issues in their home life, and finding that exercise is good for the mind, making the time at the classes ‘me’ time, thinking only of ourselves and not others. I have met friends for life, everyone is so friendly.

I have toned up, lost weight, and feel both mentally and physically better. The classes have enriched my life.

I would recommend James to everyone. If you need to exercise, meet friends, get your mental health in a better place, then join his classes.

I am 63 years old, so if I can do it anyone can!”

Pam Gill


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