Steve who’s already an experienced runner goes on to smash his personal bests

“I was searching for running motivation along with general fitness and nutrition advice.

I’d taken things about as far as I could on my own. I’d gone from couch potato to marathon finisher in 12 months. But I wanted to try and better myself and get fitter and faster.

I started to read about how a running and fitness coach can really make improvements and fuel the ambition. This is when I started coaching sessions with James Porter. Within weeks I was smashing my personal bests and I mean really smashing them.

James’ calm and friendly approach mixed with dastardly task-master really inspired me to push my running boundaries and helped me grow incredibly as a runner.

James’ sessions are always varied and the enjoyable training plans he creates for each client are always challenging and interesting both physically and mentally.

His knowledge and experience is priceless to anyone who intends to improve their running performance, increase their weight loss potential, or prepare for a big race.

From absolute beginners to intermediate runners and seasoned veterans, James has all the skills, encouragement and personality to help you achieve your running goals.

I know this because he did it for me.”

Steve Morris