Does exercise get any easier?

Whether you are completely new to exercise, or you’ve been exercising for many months or years, there’s one question that most people will ask at some stage… “Does exercise ever get any easier?” There’s some good news and some not so good news The good news is that exercise does get easier in the sense […]

How to set weight loss goals that actually work!

It’s the start of a brand new year and this is the ideal time for setting weight loss goals. The busyness of Christmas and the food and drink temptations have gone and now is your opportunity to focus on your weight and making a real, positive difference. The only thing is that most people in […]

Getting into exercise after the New Year

Let’s say that you’ve enjoyed yourself over Christmas and the New Year, but you’ve not done much or any exercise. Now you want to get started with exercise or get back into your exercise. How do you do it? Here are 2 things to remember to help you get back on track. You can make […]

Will you make a New Year’s Resolution or make a Life Commitment?

In this video I let you know about the massively important difference between a New Year’s resolution and a Life Commitment. New Year’s resolutions virtually always don’t work. Find out what does work and how you can make much more progress this year with your fitness, health, and losing weight. Have a great New Year […]

How NOT to put weight on over Christmas, yet still enjoy your food

People often put weight on over Christmas and then get to the New Year feeling sluggish and have to spend weeks or months getting it off. In this video I explain how NOT to put weight on over Christmas, yet still enjoy your food and drink. You’ll come back after the New Year fighting fit […]

What you can learn from world class athletes

In this blog post I’ll show you the most important reasons behind why world class athletes get so much more out of themselves than most people, and how YOU can do the same. A common misconception about athletes in any sport is that they are super gifted or they must have been born with natural […]