Will you make a New Year’s Resolution or make a Life Commitment?

In this video I let you know about the massively important difference between a New Year’s resolution and a Life Commitment. New Year’s resolutions virtually always don’t work. Find out what does work and how you can make much more progress this year with your fitness, health, and losing weight. Have a great New Year […]

How NOT to put weight on over Christmas, yet still enjoy your food

People often put weight on over Christmas and then get to the New Year feeling sluggish and have to spend weeks or months getting it off. In this video I explain how NOT to put weight on over Christmas, yet still enjoy your food and drink. You’ll come back after the New Year fighting fit […]

What you can learn from world class athletes

In this blog post I’ll show you the most important reasons behind why world class athletes get so much more out of themselves than most people, and how YOU can do the same. A common misconception about athletes in any sport is that they are super gifted or they must have been born with natural […]

Knowledge is NOT power. So what is power?

There’s a well known saying that “Knowledge is power”, but it’s not true. Knowledge is only potential power. What’s the main difference between people who do great with their exercise and losing weight and people who don’t? Why is it that some people get great results, and some people get rubbish results? In this video […]

Are you eating more without even knowing?

In this video you’ll find out one of the main ways that people gain weight or struggle to lose weight, and they don’t even realise that it’s a problem. That is eating more and more food without even knowing. You’ll also see an easy way to monitor your diet which helps you keep in control […]

5 mental strategies to make running feel easier

Although running is a physical activity, a lot of what you get out of running and how quickly you improve depends on your mental strengths. Very often with running when you feel like slowing down or stopping it’s more mental than physical. Your body can run further, your body can run faster, but your brain […]

Why many people don’t like setting goals but you should

Many people don’t like setting goals but there are some big reasons why YOU should. In this video you’re going to find out the real value behind setting goals and how best to use them to improve your fitness, health, or lose weight. As it comes towards the end of the year there is no […]